The Truth

What is truth and what is the repercussion

If you say it wrong you might as well give yourself a concussion.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of the mind

The problem is I don’t seem to mind

The brain is quiet, safe and happy

While the real world is just about staying chatty

You talk because it eases the pain

How long will this remain

The truth spirals in embarrassment

And it feels like that concussion was just a type of harassment

Everything is easier when it’s said in vain

But the truth is hard to tame

So here I am being who I am

Please just take me to a better place just as I am


Time is a mysterious thing

Makes you wonder if it will be stiff like a sling

Or if it will slide on by

Like the first time you tighten that tie

Your not sure if there is promising times

Or maybe it will be as sweet as limes

You just hope that it’s full of color

Unlike the current shade of grey

The simple things now turn the grey into color

But can this little things feed you forever

A kiss on the cheek is the highlight of the week

But if it doesn’t return will it make you feel more weak

The sensation of time kills the mind

Just as good as a Dylan rhyme

I wonder who else experiences this unknown

Because they always tell you your not alone

But those are the people that have a chance to cuddle at bed

And don’t get to see the spiderwebs in your head

So please remember when you think about time

It’s worth more then just a solitary dime

The Face of Time

The wrinkles on an old mans face.
He had seen years that have been hard to face

It all started out when he was young.

He thought for sure the future would be fun.

Instead he saw the hourglass tick alone.

With no one to see the sad face that is shown.

This man has become numb to himself.

That’s the only way he can live with himself.

The mans face gets younger and younger and what can I see?

I hope that face isn’t not becoming me.